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Orchestrate driver, BIOS/UEFI and firmware updates for Lenovo computers - with PowerShell!


LSUClient is an all-PowerShell alternative to “Lenovo System Update” that gives you the control and flexibility to manage driver and firmware updates like you’ve always wanted to.

Installation #

Install-Module -Name 'LSUClient'

Highlight Features #

  • Does driver, BIOS/UEFI, firmware and utility software updates
  • Allows for fully silent and unattended update runs
  • Work with updates and even their results as PowerShell objects to build any custom logic imaginable
  • Fetch the latest updates directly from Lenovo or use an internal repository of your own for more control
  • Can work alongside, but does not require Lenovo System Update or any other external program
  • Run locally or manage/report on an entire fleet of computers remotely
  • Full Web-Proxy support including authentication
  • Supports not only business computers but consumer lines too (e.g. IdeaPad)
  • Free, open-source and permissively licensed!

Watch A Demo #